A Reflection of You

A Reflection of You

Who am I? This is a question that my buddhist studies have had me explore in much depth. It has become apparent to me that the “I” that shows up in the moment is deeply influenced by the energies around.  This picture that I posted exemplifies this for me. Here’s why:

before I met with my friend who was about to take this picture, I was feeling depressed, low energy, uninspired, dull. If I was to describe my friend I would use the words brilliant, creative, beautiful, passionate, kind, inspiring. When I look at the picture, I see all her qualities reflected back in me. I see how her gorgeous energy uplifted me instantaneously and re-connected me with the innate qualities that I appreciate about her. Bree, dear friend, thank you for gifting me with your brilliance and beauty.

Today, I celebrate all women that have influenced me in this way. The strong, the brilliant, the tender hearted, the passionate souls.  Happy international woman’s day soul sisters!


Photo Credit: Bree Prosser @novemberwild