Be Still My Love

Be Still My Love

My meditation this morning reminded me of the importance of checking in with myself before I start my busy day. As I sat quietly, the intention “be still my love” came to me. An appreciated reminder.

Life is moving so very fast and it’s so easy to lose sense of how I want to show up in this world. Taking time to follow my breath and feel my body allows me to re-connect to my innate worthiness, my intrinsic health. And that is definitely a good thing!

Here’s a little self-presence and intention setting exercise to start off your day. Try it out! See what happens!

Self-Presence Exercise

Read through the following suggestions:

  • Set your timer 5 mins.
  • Sit in a comfortable straight-backed chair or on a sitting cushion with your back long and your hips supported.
  • Close your eyes. Turn inward.
  •  Notice your breath as it enters and leaves your body. Bring special attention to your exhale. Feel your exhale dissolve out into the room.
  •  Begin to feel your whole body breathe.
  •  Notice any parts of your body that are calling your attention, or any parts that feel absent.
  • Feel your body as fully as you can without changing what you feel.
  • What’s it like to be this body of yours right now?

Intention Setting

  • Ask yourself, during this 5 minute experience, what did you notice about your breath, your body, arising emotions? There are no right or wrong answers – only valuable information about yourself.
  •  Next, ask “What would serve me best today? How would I like to be with myself? This answer becomes your intention for the rest of your day’s situations and interactions.

To learn more self-awareness and daily practice tools, join us in the up coming “The Art of Self Care” program starting January 2017, in Nelson BC and Online. More details coming soon!


*The Art of Self Care is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy inspired personal development program.