“Can I Get A Witness?!”

“Can I Get A Witness?!”

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” ~Brené Brown

This week I was reminded of the power of witnessing and being witnessed. In the past, I walked around with my heart wrapped up in chains of burden. To tell my story would only bring heaviness to those around me. Today, I know that this is a false belief.
When I am in an environment that is free of judgement and shame, not only does this compassionate space allow me to feel heard and acknowledged, I also feel engaged and connected with all those witnessing my process. Although what I am sharing might feel very confusing, I can tap into my confidence because those surrounding me believe in my brilliant sanity.
My story is not their story, yet my courage and genuineness creates wakefulness within them. When I show up authentically, as I am, my intrinsic worthiness radiates out to all those around me and gives them the opportunity to tap into their own worthiness. It’s a gosh darn beautiful thing.
Don’t be afraid to speak your truth with kindness and tenderness. You will simultaneously give and receive the gift of connection and courage.


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