Selfish or Self-Care?

Selfish or Self-Care?

Through the years of working in my field, I have noticed many individuals feeling confused about what is selfish and what is Self-Care.

Here is a thought on that:

Consider that when you take the time to pause, breathe, and take care of your body and mind, you are being very generous. It is helpful to remember that when I take care of myself in this kind way, I am more able to be kind to others. When I allow Self-Care to be a daily practice, I am more able to engage with my world with gentleness and compassion. We are at a time of great social isolation/disconnection that, in my opinion, is resulting in an epidemic of anxiety and depression. To re-connect with ourselves is to re-connect with our world. And our world is starving for this genuine, heart-felt connection. So, from what I have witnessed, to practice self-care with the wish to spread the overflow of kindness cultivated to others, is nothing short of a generous, non-selfish act.

Here is a simple Self-Care practice that you can do anytime, anywhere today:

The F.O.B. (Falling Out Breath)

Stop whatever you’re doing. Notice your breath. Take a big inhale through your nose and let a big ahhhhhh sound through the mouth. Almost as if you were putting something down or letting something go. Notice the sensation in your body for a moment. And that’s it!

Try it out! See what happens.

Join Trisha Wilson and I for more practical Self-Care practices at our upcoming Art Of Self Care retreats.

Much love!