Yoga For the Heart Broken

Yoga For the Heart Broken

This time of year is full of tenderness. For some, that tenderness is warm and cozy, for others it feels more raw and vulnerable. This post is to honour the heart broken this holiday season.

How to ease a broken heart

#1. Surrender.
What does it mean to surrender? Well, my body knows best. Yesterday, my surrendering pose was laying in fetal position while hugging my son’s giant teddy bear. Other days it might be child’s pose, or a big heart opener, or just simply laying flat on the floor. Whatever it is, I take some time to really feel it, that sense of letting things be just as they are. The raw, the vulnerable, the everything.
Notice what that place is for you. Hang out there for a while. See what happens. Break down if you need to. All is welcome.

#2. Breath Deep and Feel Your Feet!
When the heart is hurting, the mind will come up with so many stories to try to fix it. The best tool I have to getting out of my head is my breath. So I take a big ass inhale and let it out through my mouth… ahhhhhhhh…. and then repeat… again and again.That brings me down into my body.
When I’m in the middle of a full blown broken heart, I give myself the gift of movement, with the intention of being kind to Self. That might be dance, Yoga, a walk, whatever. If movement is not possible, then a bubble bath is super duper acceptable (also a good place to recycle tears). Feeling your body is key.

#3. Be Brave
The thing is, those that dare to love show true courage.  It takes bravery to show up fully to an outcome that is unknown.
What does it look like to be brave? Once again, trying it out in my body is always a good time. When my heart needs a boost, I like to get into poses that empower me. My top favourite is the wonder woman pose. Because who doesn’t feel good standing in front of a mirror like wonder woman? Any of the Yoga warrior poses are fun to practice as well. Notice what pose makes you feel empowered, spacious, brave, expansive.

#4. Be Kind
Cradle your heart in loving kindness. I sometimes place both my hands on my heart and just hold it for a while and imagine all other beings that may be experiencing this same sense of broken heartedness. As I exhale, I send out love to all beings in need.
What does it look like to be kind to yourself? You yourself, as much as anyone else, deserve love and kindness.

That’s all I’ve got. Try it out, and repeat, because love is a journey kids, not a destination. What makes it so very precious is it’s impermanence.